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sing our website, you can request quotations, quickly and easily, without any obligation. We will promptly send you three personalized quotations from certified local surveyors. (The rental or sale of your property).


ellers are free to appoint their own professionals regardless of who they are selling their property with. In this way, you will be able to select a tradesman who suits you and who you can work with. You will be able to make an informed decision based on the quality of replies/information given, response time and price, thus enabling you to get the best value for your money.


e vet all inspectors to check they have the correct qualifications and insurance cover, so with these formalities taken care of, you are free to appoint someone you can trust.

immobilier diagnostic vente SALE

Surveys required for property sales

Property surveys are diagnostic reports that are mandatory in France when selling, renting or buying a property.

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Surveys required for rental properties

Property inspections are also obligatory on furnished and unfurnished rental accommodation. The report forms part of the rental contract.

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Other inspections

There are other surveys and inspections that are not specifically related to selling or renting properties. You will find them here

Surveys on properties for sale

In order to sell a house or flat, you need to sign a purchase contract (“compromis de vente”) and provide your solicitor/notaire with the following reports:

All these obligatory surveys will form a file called the “Dossier Diagnostic Technique” (DDT).
You will normally get to study these surveys before you sign your sales contract ("compromis de vente"). Devis Diagnostic Immobilier

"The obligatory surveys on properties for sale must be carried out by certified professionals. The number of surveys required depends on the age of the property, its location and how it is equipped.

Property surveys for rental accommodation

In order to rent out a house or flat, you must attach the following documents to the rental contract:

  • The DPE (Energy efficiency report) which states the energy efficiency of the property.
  • The lead survey which assesses the absence or presence of lead coating materials. (Such as in paint)
  • The "ERNMT" survey which provides the tenant with information regarding natural and technological risks that may affect the building.
  • The survey "Loi Carrez" is to certify the amount of surface area, and is required when the property is a shared building. The survey “loi Boutin” is applied if it is not.
  • In addition, the asbestos survey must be provided if requested by the tenant. (However, it is not included in the rental agreement.).